I hear the squirrel running from my sons room to my room which is in the back of the house. They are in the attic ceiling. Have called the city but they do not come out and check this type of problem. I am in the midst of having work done on my roof due to wind and hail damage last month. Can you please let me know what your company can do to get rid of these pests. Thank you.

Betsy G

The roach problem is in the kitchen only, but getting worse. I am seeing more and more of all gestational ages.

Alicia D

Mouse / Rats problem on deck and in basement. Smart enough to avoid normal traps, and keep finding a way in, that we can not locate.

Cheryl H

I have bed bugs in my home and I have done everything that I could think of to get rid of them and they just will not disappear and it's just driving me crazy.

Jennifer S

I think i have a rat problem.

Kay C

Our cockroach problem is getting worse. They are almost entirely in our kitchen. We would like to talk to someone about extermination.

Bruce G

I recently removed my wooden deck and noticed that there could be or have been in the past rodents getting into the crawl space. This could be from years past but I want to make sure. Could I get a quote for a first time inspection. 

Kathleen R

We have a four bedroom house that is very infested. We have used orkin for 3 months and the roaches just seem to keep coming. 

Tasha P

We have a nest of hornets between our property and the neighbor who is raising grapes, Think the are actually in the ground at the property marker. Can you handle this without destroying the grapes? I am terribly allergic and was bitten last weekend.

Jeray M

General bug control plus we are having trouble with mice in yard.

Susan W